The 2030 Challenge Workshop Series


Solar Decathlon as a Trigger To Next Generation

Design Education
Pliny Fisk III

Workshop 1 of 3, October 21st, 2006

On Saturday, October 21st at 8:30 AM, Pliny Fisk III will detail the theory and practice of making the solar decathlon more than just an exercise but instead as a trigger that could change how we conceive of architectural education and its responsibilities both to the student and to the profession. Every facet of design from material systems, building systems, international standards, renewable energy, biophilia, regionalism, as well as social and environmental responsibility are all wrapped up in a competition that for the most part is looked at as an expensive exercise that will never go beyond a game for Washington bureaucrats.

The workshop will be an in depth show and tell interactive presentation including never before presented advanced materials and solar technologies, flexible and collapsible building systems, biophilia, next generation life cycle design, disaster and fast deployment housing, and a grow community approach to development as an alternative to New Urbanism. Each of these topics in themselves possessing a virtual revolution in how we design, how we practice and how we educate. The seminar will have certain degree of hands on as well theory Be ready for some deep learning and discussion just think if design build had real meaning not just some groovy exercise that attracts students for the wrong reasons and gets faculty off the track doing one off artistic expressions with no future and materials using with little relevance.







Date: Saturday, Oct. 21st, 2006

Time: 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Location: UNLV ARC, Room 176
Registration: Free


Register by calling (702) 895 2767





Klai-Juba Architects

Lecture Series - Fall 2006


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